Photographer, Learner, Dreamer, DOER.

  • I'm a mountain girl born and raised in the Rockies, where my heart will always stay
  • I'm a coffee enthusiast and hardcore foodie
  • My husband, Preston, is a pastor of media&mission as well as videographer - he also second shoots weddings with me or tells the couple's story through VIDEO
  • I have to make a conscious effort not to end every sentence with an exclamation point... the struggle is real
  • I treat my puppy like he is my child

Preston, our dog (Bentley) and I now live in Kansas City, MO and have fallen in love with this beautiful city that just seems to be exploding with life!

My style is bright, bold, and authentic as I share my own creative perspective. I am most known for my natural light images, but have been intentional about gaining experience with on location night portraits and off-camera flash, along with some studio work as well. I’m quirky and spunky and try to make every session comfortable and fun.  I am all about telling your story and capturing who you truly are, so don't be shy in sharing thoughts or ideas because it's all about You!

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Okay lemme be a cheeseball for just a sec:


I am a creative life activist, a dreamer, & an aspiring light in a dark world.  I think life is a box of chocolates & I really love chocolate.  I am worthless with a sketchpad & illegible in a notebook, but I live in a maze of textures & emotions & tastes & colors & sounds & people that I translate into a single image at any given moment.