Springdale, Arkansas Family | Jack's Third Birthday Photos

You definitely would have laughed if you saw me at this session. Basically we just let Jack play and I chased him around all morning trying to trick him into glancing up at the camera. But these were definitely worth it… how adorable is he!?! He turned three years old this past week… which is crazy because Kat was my roommate for a year of college - I still feel like I’m too young to have friends with kiddos, much less three-year-olds!!!!!!! Jack’s dad is still deployed (Airforce), but one of these days maybe I’ll be lucky enough to catch the whole family together. For now, I hope these make you smile :)

Jack was the star of the show yesterday, but I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple photos of his little sis, Maisie, when she woke up towards the end of our session. I wish I looked that adorable and was that happy right when I woke up! I am so not a morning person. Although, my mom did say that when I was little I used to come upstairs with the BIGGEST grin on my face, all ready to start the day… not really sure what happened between then and now :P