Town Square Paola, KS Wedding | Rachel and Jordan Toutges

A beautiful New Year's Eve Wedding at Town Square wedding venue in Paola, Kansas. Gold sequins and maroon colors with one of the prettiest rings I've seen! 

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Alldredge Orchards, Missouri Barn Wedding | Dana and Levi

Believe it or not, this wedding was my first time second shooting for another photographer! I was free on the Saturday that she needed assistance and thought it would be a fun opportunity to focus on more candid shots and side angles than usual since I didn't have the responsibility of all the group photos. Unfortunately, it rained harder than I have EVER experienced on a wedding day, much less Any day... but the bride and groom were incredibly sweet about it and their main photographer, Brooke at Josie Pix handled it like a champ!! The couple kept saying that they actually love thunderstorms so it would be a special memory for them. Brooke stayed calm and guided Dana and Levi through the day the best she could, getting some gorgeous images along the way. The silver lining was the incredible sunset that occurred because of all the rain clouds after the showers had passed. 

Venue: Alldredge Orchards | Platte City, Missouri