The epic rain selfie

If there's anything my husband knows about me, it's how giddy I get when I get a photo that I'm happy with.  Typically this happens when I'm doing something for myself, and not for a client....I call it "playing." I've been wanting to try shooting in the rain for awhile now, and when it started to pour the other night, instead of complaining about how I didn't have anyone to take photos of, I kindly begged my husband to stand out in the rain with me to take an epic selfie.  Little did I know how well it would actually turn out!! 

I put my Canon 600ex-rt speedlight on a stand behind Preston, covered in a big ziplock bag.  I set my Canon 6D camera on a tripod on my porch and we used it's wifi capabilities to take the photo with a phone. I wondered when this would come in handy! Not only can it be used like a remote shutter release, you can also see the photos after they've been taken so we didn't have to run back and forth to see if anything needed to be fixed.

The landscape photo (2nd to the end) was the very first photo I took and I Freaked out I was so excited! Big thanks to my sweet husband for putting up with me running around like a kid in a candy store and braving the cold rain to MAKE MY NIGHT!

I'm definitely inspired to start shooting more outside of paid reminds me of just how passionate I am about photography!! 

What about you make time to do the things you are passionate about?