Howell Wedding

Amber and Carl had the most beautiful backyard wedding in my hometown last weekend! I couldn't have asked for better people to be around or a more beautiful ceremony to be a part of :) The fact that Amber used to babysit me was such a crazy, fun connection and I'm so thankful she trusted me with capturing her big day. 


Carlton and Amber met in a dim and ‘divey’ music venue in Colorado Springs while both there with a mutual friend. Amber was immediately attracted to Carlton’s dance moves and ‘bad boy’ look, while Carlton could not deny Amber’s casual sense of humor and unmatched charm. They soon found out that they both enjoyed snowboarding and outdoor adventure, and were both totally awesome. The relationship went through its own special and natural progression before ending up under a beautiful arch on a perfect Colorado day for its final seal of the bond. Carlton is a wonderful father to his beautiful daughter Sara, and Amber is thankful to be blessed with such a special step-daughter. The family looks forward to an exciting life of outdoor adventure and dancing through life’s struggles and joys together.