March 2015 Engagements

If I'm honest with myself, blogging is not my strong point.  I love taking photos, culling, editing, and sharing with my clients and viewers, but when I go to write about the experience, the people, and the thing that I'm so passionate about, I never feel like I have enough to say.  It's not a dislike of writing, I've always loved writing.... I think it's the time and consistency thing. Consistently blogging takes an INCREDIBLE about of time and dedication. One of my dreams is to have a lifestyle blog in addition to my photography website so I can share more of the other things I'm passionate about: my family, my faith, food, city life, outdoor activities....etc.

Someday I'll get there (so stick around!), but for now, I'd like to share with you a couple engagement sessions I did a few weeks ago.  I get to photograph the second couple's wedding this summer very close to my hometown in Colorado and I couldn't be more excited than to do what I love, where I love, with such goofy, wonderful people!!