Antioch Park, Merriam Kansas Family Photos | VanDalsems

I'm so happy it's FINALLY fall photo season in Kansas City. The weather just seems to lift everyone's spirits as we enjoy being outside and the excitement for the holidays begins to bubble up. This sweet family of six is a part of our church in Olathe, KS and we've had the privilege of getting to know them over the past few months as my husband started working there. I can't believe how cute these kiddos are and we had a blast during photos! Give me another year and maybe I can keep all their names straight....... working on it :)

When people ask me advice for what to wear for family photos, I usually suggest choosing a couple patterned pieces (often for the kids) and then selecting everyone else's outfits based on the colors in those patterns. Traci did that perfectly without any help from me - I love their color palette!