Brittany and Troy's Miracle Baby | Kansas City

This is personal. This is real.

We post online about all the ways life goes right, I've heard it described best as a "highlight reel." But let's talk about true life... the kind that is messy and tough and sometimes feels like a roller coaster, because we connect better with each other when we share our struggles alongside our blessings and successes. This is not my own struggle, but a client-turned-friend who has been open about her infertility journey in the hopes that her and her husband can inspire or encourage those who are going through something similar. This story isn't over so it doesn't have an ending, but the good news is that it sure has a happy middle! 

Brittany reached out to me almost a year and a half ago to plan a maternity session. After the tragedy of losing a first... and then a second baby and still not being pregnant, her and her husband, Troy, decided to just do some photos of the two of them last August (check those out here!). 

They went through plethora of negative diagnoses, two losses, many months of medical treatment (uterus surgery, injections and IUIs) and switching Fertility Clinics. After all of this, doctors told the couple that it would be impossible for them to conceive on their own without the use of IVF (Invitro Fertilization).  Their desire for a child was strong and they decided to move forward with doing IVF, but wanted to wait another month to give her body more time to prepare. 

In that month, Brittany said that God did the impossible and created their miracle baby! She told me that the pregnancy hasn't been smooth sailing, with four weeks of bed rest in the first trimester for the risk of potential miscarriage, but they are now at 30 weeks and happy to report no issues and a healthy little guy!! 

It has been such a blessing to get to know Troy and Brittany a little through this process and I can't wait to see the rich future their family has in store :)

Katey and Jack | Colorado Springs Engagement

Isn’t it crazy how your little bubble of connections goes around and around? Obviously social media has really impacted this as you are able to watch and/or interact with people who you never expected to be in contact with again. I was good friends with Katey’s older sister in high school and we have some fun memories together – one in particular is when I went with the two sisters and their mom to Estes Park, Colorado one weekend during the summer. I will never forget walking around the lake chatting and all of a sudden realizing that I had left Kelly and Katey 25ish feet behind me whispering “Kira wait, Kira!” as they pointed in the direction I was walking. Yeah…that was the time I literally almost walked into a moose.

Fast forward to this past Monday when I got to take Katey’s ENGAGEMENT photos! I got to meet Jack, who was such a trooper… I always appreciate when the guy is sweet about putting up with having to having to have photos taken. He had such a “this is for her and if it makes her happy, it’s worth it,” attitude about him that was very pleasant to work with! Katey suggested a location that was incredibly close to many places I have shot in Colorado Springs, and yet, I had never shot there before. It’s such a treat to have a client suggest a new place and have it turn out awesome. Thanks to Rock Ledge Ranch for being beautiful and to Colorado for having the PERFECT weather while we were there!

I can’t wait to be back in a couple weeks, even if it’s only for a short 48 hours. Congratulations Katey and Jack and I hope your move to Washington goes smoothly! And thanks for bringing your dogs, I had a blast with them! :)

Oklahoma City Bridal Session | Amy Allen

I always wish I had more times to photograph just my brides on their wedding day, so you can imagine how excited I was to get to do a full bridal session for this girl! We braved the intense heat and more bug bites than I've ever gotten in my life to get these...but it was worth it!! 

I'm so happy to finally be able to share these as she had her beautiful wedding this afternoon!! She was a stunning bride :) Can't wait to share wedding photos!


Today I've been thinking about love.  "Okay just got married...that's expected." Well yes, but it's been especially on my mind as I look through photos from the wedding I shot on Saturday.  Love can be so many different things..but the bonds that are formed in a family is unlike anything you could gain from anywhere else! Take a look at these sweet photos of mother/son, father/daughter, newly weds, and my personal favorite: the steadfast and tenacious.  How special are these?!?