Tanyard Creek Trails, NWA Family Photo Session | The Websters

I'm so ecstatic to share this session with you because it was the first session I've gotten to do of this sweet family now that there are FIVE of them! Breckyn is the absolute perfect addition to their little tribe and I just can't believe how fast time flies as I think back to our other sessions. Little Peyton's first birthday/cake smash session at Crystal Bridges (Bentonville, AR) feels like it was just yesterday, much a maternity session for Karlee before I even had my new website/blog! 

We met at Tanyard Creek Trails in Bella Vista Arkansas on a beautiful Sunday morning for this shoot; one of my favorite spots in the area. The kids were a bit chilly, but managed to put up with me for an hour of walking and smiling:)


Springdale, Arkansas Family | Jack's Third Birthday Photos

You definitely would have laughed if you saw me at this session. Basically we just let Jack play and I chased him around all morning trying to trick him into glancing up at the camera. But these were definitely worth it… how adorable is he!?! He turned three years old this past week… which is crazy because Kat was my roommate for a year of college - I still feel like I’m too young to have friends with kiddos, much less three-year-olds!!!!!!! Jack’s dad is still deployed (Airforce), but one of these days maybe I’ll be lucky enough to catch the whole family together. For now, I hope these make you smile :)

Jack was the star of the show yesterday, but I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple photos of his little sis, Maisie, when she woke up towards the end of our session. I wish I looked that adorable and was that happy right when I woke up! I am so not a morning person. Although, my mom did say that when I was little I used to come upstairs with the BIGGEST grin on my face, all ready to start the day… not really sure what happened between then and now :P 

Northwest Arkansas Family Photo Session | Kat, Jack & Maisie

You might never guess that the grounds around Chapel on the Creeks in Rogers, Arkansas would prove to be such a beautiful and kid-friendly location for photos, but it definitely is! Well, there is a river and a bridge to throw things off and a pond with ducks... so by kid-friendly I mostly just mean entertaining.  

Kat was a volleyball teammate during college and my roommate for one year. She has super dry humor and says the funniest things with a completely straight face; one of the things I love most about her. We had several things in common, including taking the least amount of showers possible without losing any friends, adoring sleep more than the normal person and talking about food 90% of the time. For the last couple years, her husband has been stationed in Europe and she has had two of the cutest little kiddos I've ever seen: Jack and Maisie. I had met Jack, but this session was the first time I got to meet Maisie and oh. my. goodness. she is the sweetest! The three of them did this session as a Father's Day gift for her husband, Nate, while he is deployed for six months. Talk about a power momma, she is amazing! 

Cochran Family | Bentonville, AR

Somehow I always seem to book photo sessions at times when it ends up raining the whole day....but despite the weather we got some great family photos! The Cochran's outfits were the perfect pop of color on a gloomy, rainy day.  It was so wonderful to meet this family!