Northwest Arkansas Family Photo Session | Kat, Jack & Maisie

You might never guess that the grounds around Chapel on the Creeks in Rogers, Arkansas would prove to be such a beautiful and kid-friendly location for photos, but it definitely is! Well, there is a river and a bridge to throw things off and a pond with ducks... so by kid-friendly I mostly just mean entertaining.  

Kat was a volleyball teammate during college and my roommate for one year. She has super dry humor and says the funniest things with a completely straight face; one of the things I love most about her. We had several things in common, including taking the least amount of showers possible without losing any friends, adoring sleep more than the normal person and talking about food 90% of the time. For the last couple years, her husband has been stationed in Europe and she has had two of the cutest little kiddos I've ever seen: Jack and Maisie. I had met Jack, but this session was the first time I got to meet Maisie and oh. my. goodness. she is the sweetest! The three of them did this session as a Father's Day gift for her husband, Nate, while he is deployed for six months. Talk about a power momma, she is amazing! 

Loose Park, Kansas City Family Session | The Caputos

Meet the Caputo family! I work with Cherish and have had the pleasure of meeting her beautiful kiddos once before. They are so full of personality and, as you will see, I purposely included some of the silly photos because they're real and I'm all about that :) It was my pleasure to introduce them to one of the prettiest parks in Kansas City: Loose Park. From the 1.3 mile running/walking trail around the outside to the playground, picnic tables, bridges and pond, pavilions, rose garden and grill-out areas, this park has so much to offer. We did, however, make the mistake of shooting in the early evening of prom night. I've never seen it so busy, much less that full of teenagers walking around in dresses and tuxes! The girls loved looking at all the pretty dresses though and we were able to avoid most of them in the background so it still turned out alright. 

Cherish and Tony, thank you for letting me capture your sweet family and I can't wait for some of these photos to be on the walls of your new house!! 

Did you miss my fun video experiment from last time? See it here!

Northwest Arkansas Family Session | The Duncans

Family photos are not always the easiest...but I still love them anyway! Little Sloan is now 18 months old (whooo!) and when her momma said she is very "mobile," she wasn't kidding! She was constantly squirming and running around during the whole session, but that's part of what made it so fun. I'm not here to fabricate real life into seeming perfection, I'm here to authentically capture it for what it really is: one crazy-hectic-joyful-real-beautiful-MESS!! Photos in the back of the car in between changing, upside-down laughing and running circles in the grass, delighted to be those are what bring me LIFE!

Megan and Austin, you've got a stinkin cute girl there..I sincerely hope to have the privilege of continuing to photograph her as she grows into a beautiful young lady! Keep up the good parenting, you rock :)

Lees Summit Family Christmas | The Mains

Sometimes during a session I worry that I am not getting the photos that I am picturing in my mind, but I just have to focus on the thought: "trust yourself."  This was one of those sessions. I had the pleasure of working with Kelsey for a year in the Nazarene Youth International office and she was such a blast to have as a co-worker! Her kids are obviously the cutest you've ever seen and her husband Justin has been nothing but kind.

**There is a funny story there actually...there were only seven people in our office for the year. My boss's name was Justin, Kelsey's husband's name is Justin, and my other co-worker Alli's husband was ALSO named Justin. Needless to say, the first time Kelsey said something like "Justin and I bought a new car last week," I was genuinely confused as to why she was buying a car with my boss since she had a husband and all..... the solution was to say "my Justin" anytime they talked about their husbands (if they remembered). Idk, maybe it was funnier if you were there ;)

Anyway, these sweet kiddos were a little bit stubborn that morning and we were struggling to get them to look at the camera and smile at the same time. I was so afraid that every photo was going to turn out shaky from waving my extra hand to try and get their attention or that I wouldn't get everyone looking at the same time. Luckily, we had a beautifully cloudy morning so their exact position didn't matter as much and I snapped enough in a row that I definitely got some keepers! I was pleasantly surprised once I waded through the masses to realize how many cute shots we got. Kelsey and Justin, thank you for your patience and for trusting me - it makes me trust myself more!!

This momma knew what she was doing when she picked up some gingerbread cookies to decorate...I can't believe how well it worked:D

Dawson Family

For those of you who may not know, I do photography in addition to my full-time job. I am constantly amazed at how flexible people are in order to let me do their photos, and this session was no different! The Dawsons drove to downtown Kansas City where I work in order for me to do their photos during my lunch break...and before I went out of town for Thanksgiving. Mid-day shooting is obviously a little more risky light-wise, but we got incredibly lucky with a cloudy day so I didn't have to worry about shadows or squinty eyes. 

Another fact about me: I LOVE DOGS. So it was super fun to get a few shots with Banning and Katie's ADORABLE pup :) Family love just gets me every time...especially during the Holiday season! There is nothing more important.

Loose Park, Kansas City Family Photos | The Elliotts

A perfect Fall weekend (possibly the last of the season) and a perfectly adorable family to take photos of...what more could I ask for?! I work with Rebecca so I’ve gotten to know her a little, but it was wonderful to finally meet her husband and cute little baby last weekend. I had to exercise my clone tool skills because of the mass amounts of people that also happened to be taking photos at the same park and worked their way into the background...but editing practice never hurts and they all had good reason to be there as well :) Enjoy these beautiful colors because I’m not sure how many more sessions I’ll get in while they last!

Cochran Family | Bentonville, AR

Somehow I always seem to book photo sessions at times when it ends up raining the whole day....but despite the weather we got some great family photos! The Cochran's outfits were the perfect pop of color on a gloomy, rainy day.  It was so wonderful to meet this family!