Foggy Colorado Senior Session | Delaney Garrick

Delaney and I started this session shortly after sunrise in Divide, Colorado this past weekend. You'd never know it by how amazing and comfortable she look, but she is not a morning person and it was 38 degrees. BRRR! It was also incredibly foggy that day, but I didn't mind so much since the world was basically one giant softbox :) I flew to Colorado last Friday to shoot a wedding on Saturday and Delaney is actually the youngest sister of that bride! Needless to say, I got to spend quite a bit of time with this family and I couldn't have asked for the weekend to go better. The fact that her and her mom would get up for a sunrise shoot the morning after the wedding so I would still be in town is such an honor... not to mention Delaney hiked up to a waterfall in Green Mountain Falls with me!! 

Locations: DivideWoodland Park High School and a waterfall in Green Mountain Falls

For those of you who don't know, I am originally from Colorado and lived in the same house in Woodland Park from the day I was born until I left for College. Naturally, I have a small obsession with the state and take every opportunity I can to go visit! Hopefully someday I will live there again, but for now my husband and I are greatly enjoying Kansas City.

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Graphic Design Small Business Branding Session | Ember & Co | Caitlin Kyle

I have had the pleasure of knowing Caitlin for many years. She is the sweetest, most kind person you may ever meet and I can't believe she chose me to take updated branding images for her graphic design business: Ember & Co!! It has been so fun to watch her business grow, from her education at Full Sail University to working for a large company as their in-house designer, to adding her freelance business on the side... and then when she took the leap to make her side hustle her full time gig!! I'm so proud of her and no joke, her stuff is Incredible. I even did a similar branding session for her several years ago so it was extra special to take some updated ones this weekend (check it out here if you're interested... she had purple/pink hair back then!).

So much talent and so wonderful to work with, you should definitely keep her in mind for any design needs you might have!! Ember & Co is a boutique design studio based in Denver, Colorado. Find out more info HERE!

Locations: Cafe Leo in Woodland Park, CO + an aspen grove near Trail Ridge at Woodland Park Apartments

Loose Park, Kansas City Family Session | The Caputos

Meet the Caputo family! I work with Cherish and have had the pleasure of meeting her beautiful kiddos once before. They are so full of personality and, as you will see, I purposely included some of the silly photos because they're real and I'm all about that :) It was my pleasure to introduce them to one of the prettiest parks in Kansas City: Loose Park. From the 1.3 mile running/walking trail around the outside to the playground, picnic tables, bridges and pond, pavilions, rose garden and grill-out areas, this park has so much to offer. We did, however, make the mistake of shooting in the early evening of prom night. I've never seen it so busy, much less that full of teenagers walking around in dresses and tuxes! The girls loved looking at all the pretty dresses though and we were able to avoid most of them in the background so it still turned out alright. 

Cherish and Tony, thank you for letting me capture your sweet family and I can't wait for some of these photos to be on the walls of your new house!! 

Did you miss my fun video experiment from last time? See it here!

Katie Rose | Spring in Kansas City

There is something about Springtime that just puts people in a good mood. The sun comes out and everyone comes out of hibernation, renewed and ready to take on the year. If you have followed me on my personal social media at all, you’d know that I have been running a lot in training for my first half marathon in 3 weeks (EEK!). It’s amazing what you discover when you walk or run outside instead of driving…this gorgeous tree in full bloom, for example. For about a week I kept running by it and every time I couldn’t help but think about how BADLY I wanted to photograph someone with it. I imagined a blonde fitting the scene perfectly and my new friend Katie was kind enough to help me make it happen. 

Growing up in Colorado was incredible (obviously, it’s Colorado), but we certainly didn’t have trees like this there so I’m still in awe of them every year. And yet, I always seem to miss them since they are only in full bloom like this for a couple weeks! I couldn’t be happier that I can’t say that anymore :) If you’re a photographer, don’t forget to shoot for YOU between sessions..let’s fight burnout together to continue to Create, Connect and Captivate.

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